Airdrop minigame: 26 000 000 Those tokens will all be distributed through the airdrop website. Everything should be gone until we release the final marketplace -- In case there are remaining tokens when we want to release the marketplace(which is unlikely to happen), we will distribute them them more quickly or giveaway them fairly to the airdrop game users.
Giveaways: 10 000 000 Tokens that are being distributed mainly through twitter giveaways, airdrops on the active community wallets, etc.
Team: 10 000 000 Personal tokens of the two RadKET founders.
Marketing & development: 4 000 000 These tokens can be sold for Marketing or Development. Example: advertising campaigns, server maintenance. Please note that we will only use them in case of extreme necessity.
When the airdrop is over, 72% of the tokens will be circulating on the market.